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Join for the 2014-2015 school year!
Beginning July 1, 2014 you can join the Liberty PTSA for the 2014-2015 school year. Just click on "Join" to the left and follow the steps. If you are renewing your membership, follow those instructions for easy renewal.

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What's the Difference Between PTSA and Booster Club?
Q: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PTSA AND BOOSTER CLUB? A: The PTSA supports students, parents and Liberty staff as they focus on academic and life-skill goals for the students. The Booster Club supports these same students but focuses on enriching the athletic programs, clubs and co-curricular activities at Liberty. Q: WHAT IS THE FOCUS OF EACH ORGANIZATION? WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? A: The PTSA primarily supports activities, events and items that occur or contribute to a student’s growth during the school day. The Booster Club supports the before and after school activities and athletics that enhance the high ... read full article

Free Self-Defense Classes offered over the Summer
News from Meggan Atkins/Maywood Middle School who has taught the PTSA sponsored class at our schools: We are so excited to announce a summer full of FREE self-defense workshop for teen girls in Seattle. Help us spread the word of this fantastic opportunity. Pass this email along to mothers and teens that you know. Registration is easy – just respond to this email! In their own class teens relax and feel comfortable discussing their fears and asking tough questions. They’ll get honest, accurate answers in a safe space. In 3 hours, they will learn: • How a teenager can protect ... read full article

Volunteers needed to handle fundraising for the Class of 2017 next year.  For questions, please contact Tina Waters at  or Michele McKee at .   ... read full article

Ads for Grads Available at Local Newspapers
"Ads for Grads” are available this year through the Issaquah Press and Newcastle News. These are special portfolio ads that honor a graduate for his or her achievement and cost $75 - $125 each.  Follow the link below for more information. Ads for Grads Link ... read full article

Congratulations to 2014-15 Officers!
Congratulations to our newly elected PTSA Officers for 2014-15!   President - Kimberly Montague Co-Vice Presidents of Volunteers - Tina Waters & Janell Jordan; Secretary - Marnie Maraldo; Treasurer - Linda Galluzzo.          ... read full article

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