Senior Grad Night Party Update 6/26/20

Hello Everyone,

First of all, thank you to all of you for your patience as we have been navigating through this unprecedented Grad Night Party situation and the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak.

For months our Senior Grad Night Party committee has been working on rescheduling our Grad Night Party for our kids. As you know, we sent out a survey to get feedback from our families and the overwhelming response was that if we were able to reschedule that the date would need to occur sometime in July (before our kids left for college, jobs, military, etc.)

We have been in constant contact with the Grad Night committee as we hoped and prayed our county and areas around us would show COVID case improvement. In order to have a Grad Night Party that would accommodate our number of Seniors, we would need to be in Phase 4 to move forward with the event.

Just this week, Grad Nights confirmed that they did not think we would move to Phase 4 by July 23rd. At this time, having exhausted all options, we are canceling the Grad Night Party. 

Next steps & plan:

1. We will be refunding the ticket cost back to all ticket holders. If you paid via credit card, you should see that refund in the next 5-7 business days. If you paid by check you will receive a check next week. Please deposit in your account asap.

2. We are excited to announce that ALL Seniors will be receiving a Senior Gift package. It will also include a very memorable special surprise item from our Graduation Ceremony that our PTSA and committee has worked diligently on to secure. We are using funds left in our Class of 2020 line item and all monies refunded by Grad Nights for these special gift packages.

3. We plan to have all gift packages ready for pick up by July 23rd. We will schedule an in person drive thru pick up, with at least 2 different dates/times. Senior or Parent can pick up and must sign for receipt of their gift. You may pick up on behalf of another student, but will need to email with your plans so we are informed you have given your permission for alternate pickup instructions.

Thank you all for your patience during this process. Even though this path hasn't been the easiest, I am confident we have really taken extra steps to do the best possible for our Seniors during this unprecedented situation.

Please contact our PTSA President, Dawn Peschek, if you have any questions or concerns at

Thank you again for your support! 

The Liberty PTSA Senior Grad Night Committee

Dawn Peschek, Kris Brown and Shelly Russell


5/22 Update for Grad Night Party ticket holders regarding the information below:

We have been working with the Grad Night Party and have requested the date for our Grad Night Party - Thursday, July 23rd. At this point we are waiting for the State to move through the Social Distancing Phases 2, 3 and 4 so that a venue can be secured to hold the Party. We will keep you posted as things progress.




May 15, 2020

Dear Senior Parents, 

As you know, due to COVID-19 our Senior Class Graduation looks a lot different than we planned this year. Our "walking" June 12th Graduation Ceremony will now be be held "virtually" instead of in person at T-Mobile Park. Our All Night Grad Party, originally scheduled for the night of graduation, is now being rescheduled because of current social distancing restrictions. 

Last week our Grad Night Committee sent out a brief survey to everyone who purchased Grad Night tickets with rescheduling options in July or August. This survey was only to give us a general idea of how many students would be willing and able to attend if we are able to reschedule this event (when and if the social distancing restrictions are lifted to allow for gatherings.) The majority of responses indicated that families were open to rescheduling, with a July date being preferred.

Per the survey results, we are working with the Grad Night company to reschedule on one of our proposed dates of July 22, 23 or 24th. Rescheduling will depend on the actions of the Governor regarding moving social distancing restrictions from Phase 3 to Phase 4 to allow large gatherings. When we have the confirmed date, we will notify you right away.

We have received notice from the contracted event management company, "Grad Nights", that they are being forced into Chapter 11, because their funds have been used to make deposits at various venues, leaving little cash flow for their company. By filing for Chapter 11, they are able to continue working and operating their business while they are restructuring their debts. Liberty PTSA Senior Events Committee has used the Grad Night Company for many years, as have many of our neighboring schools (including both Skyline and IHS), and despite their losses this year, we hope this small, family run company survives their restructuring under Chapter 11 so they can to continue offering safe, all-night graduation party services to our community in future years.  

Liberty PTSA Senior Events has funds in our account to refund the ticket costs back to all ticket holders if we are unable to reschedule our Grad Night event in July. If we are able to reschedule, those with students who are immunocompromised or unable to attend on the proposed date can request a refund. In addition, we have funds in our account to do something else for our Seniors during that July timeline as an alternate plan, if the Grad Night party cannot be rescheduled.

We really want our seniors to have this fun, safe night. We also need to be prepared and keep you all informed. This is not the position we were planning to be in, but we are still thinking positive and hoping for memorable event for our kids!

Stay positive and thank you for your patience!

Liberty PTSA Grad Night Committee

We are closely monitoring the evolving situation related to COVID-19. At this time, Grad Night is still organized as planned. This situation is evolving weekly, so please check back for more information. Ticket refunds will be issued if the event is cancelled.  


7:00pm in the Liberty Library

Liberty Class of 2020 Parent Meeting Recap --

* Baccalaureate (Night of Reflection) – we are looking for a chairperson for this event. Senior Sunset happens directly after this event

* Senior Breakfast - if interested in helping let us know. Committee is working on details and it sounds like will be a great event for our kids. Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal happens at LHS right after the breakfast. In order to be able to walk at graduation, your student must attend the rehearsal.

* Grad Night – Early Bird pricing is $65 will go up on 3/1 to $90. FYI – both Skyline & Issaquah use the same company as we do, and they are charging $210 for theirs – so THANK YOU to everyone who has helped with the fundraising events that help us make the ticket price lower so more kids can afford to attend this fun event! Students will be meeting at LHS around 9pm to board the buses to the event, and then will be brought back around 6am the next day. THEY CANNOT DRIVE THEMSELVES HOME from this, so plan on being there in the morning to pick up your very tired grad, or have a carpool arranged.

                ** We will be needing volunteers for this event – be looking for signup to help with check-in, patting down before getting on buses, chaperoning the event, and other ways to help. Tickets are available here:

* Graduation – your student gets 4 tickets from the school - and then you can purchase as many tickets as you want. All that information will come directly from the school, and tickets can be purchased at the ASB Bookkeeper window (In June) or at the door at T-Mobile park the day of graduation. All Fees / Fines due to the school must be paid or they will not give you the tickets to attend.

        * Our class graduates at 4:30 pm. Kids have to take a bus from the school to T-Mobile park, but they you take them home, there is NO transportation home form graduation.

        * Since we are the 'middle' time- there will not be time for any family photos in the stadium - they will be rushing our class out to get ready for the next school to come in. Pre-arrange a meet-up point with your graduate, as it gets very chaotic afterwards.

* Senior Yard Signs are still available (but are limited in quantity - once they are gone, we are not able to order more) $20 each / 3 for $50 - Email for pickup

* School Website - all information from school can be found here - check often for updates:


* Caps / Gowns - They are supposed to be available for pickup at the school on March 10. They are allowed to decorate their cap. Leis/ Flowers/etc. are to be given after the ceremony, they cannot have anything on them or carry anything during the ceremony.

* Graduation Community Service Cords - PTSA pays for the cord for any student that has earned it. Here is the info about how to earn the hours, and the link to the form they need to turn in: need 75 hours (over their 4 years at LHS). TURN IN DEADLINE FOR SENIORS IS MAY 4th.

* Do you Facebook? Please join our 2020 Group - this is where info will be posted:

* Prom - Prom is May 30 -  at the MoPop (EMP Museum, Seattle).

Please let us know if you can help out - and if you have any questions. June is going to be here before we know it!



Thanks to all of our class of 2019 attendees! Our auction was a success and will help reduce ticket costs for our "Safe and Sane" Grad Night party for our Senior Class. success  Thank You for attending, Thank You for donating, Thank You for bidding so generously. Thank You amazing committee for volunteering! A special thank you to all of the 2020 Students & Class of 2020 volunteers. Your help was priceless. 

With deep appreciation for the LHS Community  -The 2020 Auction committee   

Many companies offer a matching gift program. Please consider filling out a matching gift submission request and submit it to your company's appropriate department to further your donation dollars to the Class of 2020. Our non-profit ID is on your receipt.

Would you like to be included on the Class of 2020 email list?  Please let us know!

Contact Shelly Russell at



Please contact these committees if you would like to help with any of these events.

All Class of 2020 parents/guardians are welcome!


Fall Auction: Lisa Vold, Kris Brown, Dawn Peschek


Senior Night of Reflection

Thursday, June 11th 7pm in the Liberty PAC

Dawn Peschek & Committee


Senior Breakfast:  Sheryl Beeman & Stacey King


Sunrise / Sunset

Shelly Russell, Dawn Peschek, Stacy Tribble, Michelle Riley


Grad Night Party

Kris Brown


Senior Events Chair / PTSA Liaison

Shelly Russell