Thank you parents, family members and community members for your donations to the Class of 2022!


          to Parents, Community Members and Friends for donating to the

Class of  2022 . . . Thank you for your generous support!


The Applefeld Family Erin Armstrong Scott & Lynda Baker Erik & Natalie Bauge The Baydass Family Jake & Stacey Bernstein Ken & Lisa Blauvelt Rodney & Kris Brown  Florendo & Belle CabudolThe Conaway Family Rogelio & Emily Decasa    David & Laura Derwin The Dore Family The Firth/Evers Family Michael & Melissa Fitzgerald Patricia Galipeau & Doug Thornhill The Gutierrez Family Allison & Eric Halgren The Hanson/Anderson Family The Harris Family Joon & Jamie Huh Jon & Cynthia Irvine John & Michele Jarvis The Kauzlarich Family Steve & Kristi Kirschner  The Kosar Family The Krebs Family Josh & Vanessa Lange The Le/Lam Family Aaron & Rebekkah Leibowitz The Lilley Family Bryan Lomney The Malit Family The Maresh Family The Massey Family The Miller Family The Minty Family Jason & Michelle Moore Jeremy & Nicole Morgan The Mulqueeney Family Paul & Sue Mystkowski Darshan & Uma Naik Wright & Carole Noel Phil & Stephanie Nored The Pang Family Scott & Kathleen Parrish Randy & Dawn Peschek Dennis & Liz Rattie The Ricchio Family Greg & Suzanne Ridley David & Eileen Rubenstein The Schneider Family The Stanley-Ranger Family The Stempson Family Sara Sun & Ray Cheng The Tazuma/Brundige Family Jeff & Trecy Trimble Mark & Korre Veitengruber Dave & Tiffany Vermeulen Will & Darlene Weigle The Wellerstein Family The Wolfpack - Michael Wolf & Lisa Chido Anonymous Donors