Congratulations to our 2020 Liberty Outstanding Educators! 

Each year the Liberty High School PTSA presents the Outstanding Educator Award to an individual(s) who go beyond the normal expectations of their job to provide a quality, challenging, and beneficial learning environment, while recognizing that not all children learn in the same way. Each outstanding Educator is presented with a Outstanding Educator plaque and pin, their name is engraved on a plaque in the Liberty Office, and a donation is made to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Program in their name. We had over 25 nominations this year, thank you everyone for your input! We are pleased to announce the 2020 Outstanding Educator Award Winners:


Congratulations to Outstanding Educator Ms. Angie Kruzich!

Ms. Kruzich creates a learning environment that is fun and engaging. She puts the needs of her students first and does everything she can to make sure they are successful. She is diligent in posting grades so everyone knows where they stand and can ask for help when they need it. Ms. Kruzich encourages her students to better and always makes time to offer tutoring for those who need extra help. A few quotes from nominations regarding the online learning model..."Ms. Kruzich offered live online learning right away - holding Zoom meetings twice a week, and was committed to making sure we had the tools necessary to study for the AP exam." "Ms. Kruzich values our education and wants us to succeed."  Thank you, Ms. Kruzich, for your dedication to our Liberty students!


Congratulations to Outstanding Educator Mrs. Alisa Jeremica!

Mrs. Jeremica makes learning fun, interesting and engaging. Her class curriculum involves a lot of homework, yet she finds ways to keep students curious and wanting to learn more. Mrs. Jeremica combines book learning and assignments with labs that make this class memorable. Here are some examples of her creative learning environment: Mrs. Jeremica brings in guest speakers to share their experience with forensics. One guest speaker was a retired undercover FBI agent that students were able to interrogate about his job. During a Lab investigating crime scene details, Mrs. Jeremica had everyone paste their fingerprint and the next day, students had to figure out who stole the "missing tests."  Instead of recording blood splatter data normally, Mrs. Jeremica made it a game....every lab group had to guess what height the blood was dropped from the ceiling....and the closest to the correct answer got bragging rights. It made an impression on her students, because everyone was serious, yet enjoyed learning. Thank you Mrs. Jeremica for making learning interesting for our students. On another note, a special thank you from the Senior Class of 2020 for making a custom leather keychains for each and every Senior - all embroidered with each student's initials. You are truly an Outstanding Educator!


Congratulations to Outstanding Educator Chief Matthew Spears!

Chief Matthew Spears is one of the most welcoming, friendly and inspiring teachers at Liberty. When you meet him, the first thing you notice is his warm smile and his great sense of humor. He treats students with respect and gives them confidence in themselves. He takes time to check up on his students to make sure they are mentally and physically ok. He encourages everyone to be the best person  that they can be. Chief Spears shares true life experiences to let students know that things aren't always perfect, but they have the ability to persevere and bring themselves up. Throughout these tough times, Chief made it clear that he is always open to those in need of help, from schoolwork to just needing to talk. He was ready to assist students who didn't adjust well to online learning to build a schedule to complete their class work in a timely manner. He puts 110% effort into Liberty ROTC, devoting additional time after regular classroom hours and on weekends chaperoning the many events that go along with the ROTC program. Chief does all of this because he cares about our students and wants them to thrive after high school. Thank you Chief Spears for making a difference to so many students here at Liberty High School!



Nominate a Liberty Staff Member for a 2021 Outstanding Educator Award!
Nominations due in May 2021

The Outstanding Educator Award recognizes individuals who have gone beyond the normal expectations of their job to make outstanding contributions to enhance the education of children. An Outstanding Educator can be a teacher, specialist, assistant, support staff, custodian, bus driver, administrator or community member.

All award winners receive the award pin and a special certificate from the Washington State PTA. Their names will be engraved on a plaque in the Issaquah School District main office. The Council also contributes $50 in the winner’s name to the Washington State PTA Scholarship Foundation, which provides scholarships to selected high school students entering post-secondary education.

Nominations will be collected in May 2021 

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