2021-2022 PTSA Officers • Board of Directors • Committees

Executive Committee

President                                        Laila Collins                    president@libertyhighptsa.com

Vice President                                 Korista Smith-Barney      vicepresident@libertyhighptsa.com

Secretary                                        Erin Thacker                  secretary@libertyhighptsa.com

Treasurer                                        Alison Larsson                treasurer@libertyhighptsa.com

Board Members

Advocacy                                        Marta Burnet                  advocacy@libertyhighptsa.com

Board Member at Large                    Michelle Moore               boardmember@libertyhighptsa.com

Board Member at Large                    Stina Fluegge                 boardmember2@libertyhighptsa.com

Communications                              Dawn Peschek                communications@libertyhighptsa.com

Membership                                    Kimberly Nocco               membership@libertyhighptsa.com 

Outreach                                        Dawn Carr                      outreach@libertyhighptsa.com

Parent Ed Representative                 Heidi Kayler                    parented@libertyhighptsa.com

Senior Events 2022                         Dawn Peschek                 2022seniorevents@libertyhighptsa.com


Committee Chairpersons

Awards                                            Committee                   awards@libertyhighptsa.com

Campus Beautification                       OPEN                          campusbeautification@libertyhighptsa.com

Community Service Cords                  Michelle Moore             commservcords@libertyhighptsa.com

Directory                                          Committee                  directory@libertyhighptsa.com

Facebook                                          Shelly Russell              shellycoug@aol.com

Grants                                              Board of Directors       grants@libertyhighptsa.com

Nominating Committee                      **appointed                nominatingcommittee@libertyhighptsa.com

Reflections                                        Dawn Peschek             reflections@libertyhighptsa.com

Staff Appreciation                              KaseyAnn Morrelli        staffappreciation@libertyhighptsa.com 

2023 Car Wash Ticket Fundraiser        Stina Fluegge              2023carwash@libertyhighptsa.com

2024 *New Program Fundraiser Chair  Julie Hicks                  2024seniorevents@libertyhighptsa.com

2025 Restaurant Fundraiser Chair       Dawn Carr                  2025seniorevents@libertyhighptsa.com


Senior Events:

Event Organizers/Committee Chairs:

Senior Sunrise - Dawn Peschek                                           

Senior Breakfast - Michelle Moore & Kara Mulqueeney

Night of Reflection/Senior Farewell: OPEN

Senior Sunset - Grace Tazuma & Rose Gyotoku

Grad Night Party - Dawn Peschek & Kris Brown



As an affiliate of the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation, the Liberty High School PTSA provides parents and families with a powerful voice to speak on behalf of every child while providing the best tools for parents to help their children be successful students. 

Liberty High School PTSA is a private, non-profit organization with members dedicated to the service of the students, parents and staff of Liberty High School. Membership in our PTSA supports many programs and events that benefit Liberty students and our community.

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and your donations to PTSA are tax deductible.