Superintendent Ron Thiele made his high school schedule recommendation to the School Board at the School Board Meeting Wednesday, December 12th. After much discussion, hours of testimony from students and parents, the School Board approved his recommendation.  Superintendent Ron Thiele & School Board Members commended our Liberty students, parents and community for their input in this discussion. Your input was valuable and appreciated and made a difference! 

The schedule recommendation was as follows:

Implement the 7 period schedule for Issaquah High School and Skyline High School starting next Fall for the 2019-2020 school year. This will also be the schedule for the 4th comprehensive High School which is tentatively scheduled to open in Fall 2022.

For Liberty High School, keep the current 8 period block A/B schedule for now, but implement the new 7 period schedule "no later than" Fall of 2022.

This would allow our currently enrolled Liberty students to graduate before the schedule change would take affect. Ron stated that a big reason for him leaving the schedule "as is" until 2022 is that our current students already have a "path" or "plan" in place for the classes they are enrolled in through graduation.

The reasoning given behind the "no later than" language was that it would "leave the door open" in the future in case, for some reason, the entire Liberty community, including educators, parents and students, would like to change to the 7 period schedule before the Fall of the 2022 school year.

There will be a podcast uploaded of the meeting in the next couple of days. They will also post minutes from the meeting. https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/board/agendas-and-minutes

7th period schedule: 

Monday, Thursday, Friday Periods 1-7;

Tuesday Periods 1-4;

Wednesday Periods 5-7

Plus 30 minutes flex time, 2-3x per week, determined by building

Click here for details of the 7 period schedule

Watch for more information to be shared as announced by ISD