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"Last" 1st Day of School for our Class of 2022 Seniors!



Hello Parents and Families of Class of 2022 Seniors,

We are excited for our students to start their last year of high school...and so excited to be able to provide them with a fun send off and events to celebrate their accomplishment!

Liberty PTSA Senior Events Committee organizes the Senior Sunrise, Senior Sunset, Night of Reflection, Senior Breakfast and the All Night Graduation Party. Each year during high school PTSA has organized a small fundraiser to "save up" for these events which happen Senior year. In Freshman year we held 2 "restaurant nights" which generated about $850 for the class. In Sophomore year, COVID hit, and we we unable to hold our usual Sophomore Class E-Cycle Event. Fortunately last year we were able to complete our Brown Bear Car Wash Junior fundraiser which netted $4500.00!

The goal of these fundraisers is to fund Senior events plus make the Grad Night party tickets more affordable so ALL Seniors who want to go can attend the memorable and safe celebration.

We need help from you:

Traditionally, the Senior year Fall fundraiser is an Auction. In June 2021, we sent out a survey to all Senior parents regarding fundraising options. Based on those survey results, parent comments, and due to the uncertainty around holding an Auction as we recover from the pandemic, the Senior Events committee needed to devise alternate fundraising plans. A plan which includes donations, corporate sponsorships, and ticketed special events, we are hoping to accomplish our fundraising goal.

We are already working on pursuing corporate sponsorships and now are asking our Senior parents to please make a donation to the Class of 2022, in lieu of procuring items for an auction, buying tickets to attend the auction, and spending money to purchase items at the auction. Please ask your local businesses that you may have a relationship with if they would like to become a Corporate sponsor. And if you are able,  please make a donation directly to the Class of 2022. Any donation is appreciated!


Any donation you make to the Class of 2022 is your ticket to attend an End of the Year Class of 2022 Senior Class of 2022 Parent/Guardian Farewell Social (in early May). This is a chance for Senior parents/guardians to get together 1 last time before our kids graduate. Some of us met in Elementary School, some in later years, but we all share a common bond and a lot of experiences throughout the years as we attended school events, PTA events, sport games, band and choir concerts, ROTC events, theater events and more!  Since we are not having an auction, this will be a great place for us to all to get together and say Farewell!


In October 2021, the Class of 2022 PTSA Senior Events Committee will also be introducing (4) different Senior Parent ticketed "Experiences" to raise additional funds for the Class. These events are for parents/guardians only and have a limited number of spots available. Link will be provided to the Liberty PTSA website page in October to sign up/pay for any event you would like to attend.


The All Night Grad Night Party takes place on the night of Graduation.  This event is optional and open to all Seniors. This is one last night for our Seniors to get together with their friends to socialize before they head off on their next adventure. Parent volunteers chaperone (all must submit and pass a district background check). Students and Chaperones meet at the school at approximately 9pm and return at 6am. Students must be dropped off at Liberty and picked up for this event (no students are allowed to drive themselves, due to being exhausted after being up all night). All board motorcoach and are transported to 1 or 2 "mystery locations" for a night of fun!  Food, all activities, venue cost, motorcoach cost, are all included in the ticket price.

The cost of a Grad Night ticket is approximately $225 per student for this event. This is the cost without fundraising dollars considered. Sponsorships, donations, and fundraising proceeds will help lower the cost of the Grad Night Tickets for all! If a student needs help with ticket cost, please contact the counseling office for confidential assistance. Liberty PTSA Senior Events has funds set aside to assist students in need. Our goal is for all students who would like to go, are able to go!


Do you have a personal relationship with a local business or are you willing to ask your employer about becoming a Corporate Sponsor for the Class of 2022?  Please download and print the link below - the Class of 2022 Corporate Sponsorship letter which describes why sponsors are needed and tax deduction information.  Thank you for your help working toward our goal for our Seniors!

Download Corporate Sponsorship Letter Here


Please consider donating to your Senior's class of 2022! Your donations are tax-deductible. Your donations will make a difference!

Thank you for your kind consideration,

Dawn Peschek & Kris Brown, Co-Chairs

Liberty PTSA Senior Class of 2022 Senior Events Committee

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