Liberty High School PTSA 2.6.50

Standing Rules 2021-2022

1) The name of this PTSA local unit is Liberty High PTSA 2.6.50. Its National PTSA local unit number is 00026132.

2) This PTSA serves the children in the Liberty High School community.

3) This PTSA was incorporated on May 15, 1989 and assigned a UBI# which is available from the Treasurer upon request. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual corporation report. The Employer Identification Number is located in the legal documents binder.

4) This PTSA is registered under the Charitable Solicitations Act; registration number is available upon request. The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration by May 31st to avoid penalties.

5) This PTSA was granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. A copy of the determination letter is available from the treasurer.

6) The treasurer is responsible for filing the appropriate Federal tax return forms prior to November 15th and providing a copy to the board of directors. Copies of the current and past years’ returns are located in the legal documents binder.

7) The Liberty PTSA has designated the Washington State PTA as its registered agent with the Washington Secretary of State’s office, the Washington Department of Revenue, and the United States Internal Revenue Service. Copies of the signed documents making such designation are available in the legal document binder.

8) This PTSA shall keep two copies of the Legal Documents Binder in two separate locations.

9) Students of Liberty HS may join this PTSA. Student members are entitled to voice and vote; however students under the age of 18 are not allowed to hold elected positions within the PTSA.  All students of LHS are honorary members with voice but no vote.

10) The dues for this PTSA shall not exceed $15.00 per individual membership, $25.00 per family and $10.00 for staff, student and community members (non LHS parent), per year. The membership fees are determined by the membership, and shall be no less than necessary to cover the required National, State, and Council fees. All paid members have a voice and vote at general membership meetings.

11) The elected officers of this PTSA shall be president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.  Any elected position may be held jointly by two (2) people. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to voice and vote at a board of directors’ meeting, except in the case of Co-Presidents.  Only the individual not presiding over the meeting has a vote.  Elected term of office is PTSA fiscal year (July 1-June 30th). No officer can serve more than two consecutive terms in the same position.

12) The officers of this unit shall be elected by the general membership by June 30th and assume office on July 1st. Transition meetings should occur and all materials are to be given to the incoming officer(s) by that date. Newly elected board members may attend May and June board meetings.

13) Each elected officer must attend a minimum of one WSPTA-approved training opportunity during the PTA year. Further, at least one elected officer will attend PTA and the Law during the PTA year.

14) The board of directors of this PTSA may consist of the elected officers and the chairs of the following standing committees: Advocacy, Communications, Member(s) At-Large, Membership, Outreach, Parent Ed, Senior Events (current Sr. Class), and Ways and Means.  This PTSA’s board of directors will meet at least 4 times during the school year at a date and time to be determined by the board.  Quorum for a board meeting is simple majority (50%+1). Additional positions can be appointed by the president. Non-elected positions are appointed by the president. Per IRS regulations, family members or members of the same household are not allowed to serve on the board at the same time.

15) An office/board position shall be declared vacant if that person misses three meetings without prior approval from the President. If a position on the Board of Directors is not filled or becomes vacant, the duties of that position will be shared among the members of the board or may be appointed until an election at a general membership meeting can be held to fill that vacancy.

16) The President(s) are ex-officio members of all committees, except the Nominating Committee and Financial Review Committee.

17) Adoption of the budget, amendments to the budget, adoption of standing rules, election of the nominating committee, and election of officers shall take place at membership meetings. A quorum for membership meetings shall be ten (10) members to conduct business. Meetings shall be held at the direction of the board of directors.

18) The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of at least three PTSA members. Members may not serve on the Nominating Committee more than two consecutive terms.

19) All members of the Board of Directors, all committee chairs, website and/or Facebook administrators, and any volunteer handling PTSA funds, must be paid members of the Liberty PTSA.

20) This PTSA shall approve its annual operating budget in the spring and fall of each year at a general membership meeting. The board of directors has authority to reallocate any funds budgeted for one line item to another by a two-thirds vote.  The annual carryover funds shall be a minimum of $5000.

21) In the event that the Board of Directors needs to conduct a vote immediately, outside of a board meeting, a quorum vote can be conducted via email. The email record will be printed and filed in the Secretary notebook.

22) Board and/or Membership meetings may be held virtually (online or via phone) and a quorum vote may be conducted online during the meeting. Liberty PTSA shall also allow electronic voting for the election of officers and the election of the nominating committee. The voting record will be printed and filed in the Secretary notebook. 

23) PTSA financial records shall be subject to a financial review twice annually. These reviews should be conducted by a committee of at least three (3) PTSA members appointed by the President and approved by the Board. No signer on the bank account for that period shall be on the Financial Review Committee.

24) All checks require two signatures of authorized signers. There will be at least three (3) elected officers on the signature cards for this PTSA’s bank account. Use of a PTA debit card, credit card, ATM card or online banking to disperse funds is not permitted.

25) All contracts require the signature of two elected officers.

26) Liberty staff grant requests will be reviewed and voted upon by the Board of Directors at board meetings, as they are submitted, until May 1 or funds are depleted.

27) The PTSA’s monthly bank account statements shall be reviewed by a non-signer. Bank statement reviewer is appointed by the board of directors. Unopened statement will be provided to reviewer. If there are no concerns or apparent discrepancies, the reviewer shall initial and date the account statements and deliver them to the treasurer.

28) Passwords will be changed annually at the start of the new PTSA fiscal year (July 1st).

29) All reimbursement requests for expenses must include a receipt and be submitted to the treasurer. All requests for reimbursement should be received within 3 weeks of the expense/event and no later than 7 days from the last day of school or they may be considered a donation to the PTSA.

30) One or more Golden Acorn awards will be presented annually to an outstanding volunteer(s). A committee appointed by the president shall select the recipient(s). The budget shall determine the number of recipients.

31) One or more Outstanding Advocate awards may be presented annually to recognize advocacy work on behalf of children and youth. A committee appointed by the president shall select the recipient(s). The budget shall determine the number of recipients.

32) One or more Outstanding Educator awards may be presented annually. The board of directors shall select the recipient(s).

33) Liberty High PTSA is a member of the Issaquah PTSA Council. The president shall choose four (4) voting delegates and (2) alternates who are authorized to vote on Liberty’s behalf at council meetings. 

34) The vote of this PTSA for the position of Washington State PTA Region 2 Director shall be determined by the board of directors.

35) The voting delegates to the annual WSPTA convention shall be determined in the following order: Incoming president, outgoing president, incoming vice president, incoming secretary, incoming treasurer, outgoing vice president, outgoing secretary, outgoing treasurer. The board of directors will determine how many delegates the budget will allow.

36) The voting delegate(s) to the WSPTA Legislative Assembly shall be determined in the following order: Advocacy rep, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer. President can appoint a member to attend if no officer is available. The board of directors will determine how many delegates the budget will allow.

37) All board members, committee chairs and volunteers must sign and follow the Liberty PTSA Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest form (electronic signature is ok).

38) Per the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, we will annually review, complete, sign, and complete and/or submit the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation agreement by the required deadline.

39) These Standing Rules shall be adopted annually by a majority vote at a membership meeting and may be amended any general membership meeting with a 2/3 vote.

Approved at the Liberty PTSA Membership Meeting October 12, 2021